How A Visit To A Chiropractor Can Help With Lower Back Pain

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  • June 14, 2023

Visiting a chiropractor continues to be more commonplace as people look for alternative methods to alleviate lower back pain.

Ending Lower Back Pain

For many people, the occasional ache or pain in the lower back is a nuisance but temporary. However, not every individual is so lucky. For a select segment of the population, lower back pain is a chronic, persistent condition that can limit range of motion (ROM) and impact quality of life. While some people will opt for pain medications to control symptoms, others have chosen a medication-free approach that incorporates routine trips to the chiropractor.


Is chiropractic care effective?

Once upon a time, many people viewed chiropractic care as a pseudoscience. However, times have changed, and the evidence from multiple research studies shows that the practice can have many therapeutic benefits. A recent study reviewed the treatment of lower back pain in US service members that underwent chiropractic treatments as supplementation for traditional treatment methods. The study found that the cohort that received chiropractic care reported more significant improvements in pain intensity and disability over 6 weeks.

What to expect

When many people envision a trip to the chiropractor, thoughts of cracking bones and firm adjustments often come to mind. While some people may experience such treatments, other individuals may find that practitioners rely on an activator or handheld device to gently align the spine. Likewise, other people may have a provider that relies on moving the table to encourage proper alignment.

Why chiropractic care is popular

Lower back pain is an incredibly common ailment that impacts a significant portion of the American population. A recent study found that 1 in 4 adults had sought some form of treatment or care for neck and back pain. Of the options respondents could choose, chiropractic care was a possibility. Results showed 29% of the individuals that participated in the study noted that chiropractic care yielded positive results. Overall, Americans view chiropractic care as generally safe, while nearly a third of participants rated pain medication as unsafe.

How is treatment determined?

A chiropractor might use certain methods to ease back pain and improve spinal alignment. However, individual treatments for patients will vary depending on the client’s needs, underlying pains, and general health. The first step in a visit will include taking a patient history and performing a physical exam. In some cases, diagnostic imaging may be necessary to further identify specific areas of concern. Don’t be surprised if a chiropractor also discusses nutritional guidelines and a fitness routine to aid in improving back pain.

Put an end to back pain

Lower back pain can range from an annoying occasional nuisance to a persistent crippling pain that inhibits daily activities. Whichever place on the spectrum a person falls, choosing to live with pain is unnecessary. While individual treatments will vary, chiropractic care offers an alternative for individuals concerned about developing drug dependency. People seeking relief from low back pain should consider consulting with a chiropractor.

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