What Is A Double-Cleanse? Tips For Face Washing To Get Glowing Skin

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  • November 24, 2021

Adding a double-cleanse routine can minimize dirt, acne, and irritation. With a few added touches, anyone can have beautiful, glowing skin.

Taking Face Washing Seriously

Few Americans genuinely know how to face wash correctly. Soap and water, or even worse, water alone won’t work. Especially with makeup on. Poor skincare is the leading cause of millions having acne, dark spots, and premature signs of aging. Over the last few years, skincare influencers and dermatologists alike encourage a double-cleanse. This method could be the key to cleaner, more glowing skin.

Northstar Dermatology What Is A Double-Cleanse Tips For Face Washing To Get Glowing Skin

So nice, you should cleanse twice

As the name suggests, a double-cleanse means washing the face twice with 2 types of cleansers. The process originated in Korea and has been popular in the US for years. The first wash must be with an oil-based cleanser. The second wash, with a water-based cleanser. The oil-based cleanser is a powerful first deep clean. This breaks down makeup, sunscreen, and the day’s accumulated dirt. The water-based cleanser does all the extra work. The second wash hydrates and treats acne. Double-cleansing could help maintain a healthy, fresh, and glowing face.

Does double-cleansing work for everyone?

Skin types vary from person to person. Some have oily skin. Others have dry skin, normal skin, or a combination of one or more. The good news is double-cleansing works on all skin types. However, the process can backfire when using the wrong kind of cleansers. The wrong soap on the wrong skin type can cause more irritation, dryness or acne than needed. Speak with a dermatologist for a skin assessment. From there, get a dermatologist-recommended pair of cleansers for the routine.

How often should a double-cleanse happen?

Too much of a good thing could be harmful. A double-cleanse works best once a day. Dermatologists recommend double-cleansing in the night for removing makeup or when dirt buildup is highest. In the morning, wash with a water-based cleanser. This prevents the dryness and irritation that comes with overwashing.

Other ways for a glow-up

A double cleanse is a significant first step to glowing skin. However, some other essential moves can help bring that Instagram-worthy glow. Skincare is vital now more than ever with sunlight, dirt, and makeup residue potentially damaging skin. A great start is to exfoliate from time to time. Use a dermatologist-recommended exfoliator, or get professional exfoliating treatment. Next, make sure to moisturize after double-cleansing to keep skin glowing. Finally, avoid overeating foods like gluten, fats, and dairy that can cause oily skin and acne.

Add a double-cleanse to a skin routine today

Time to put the once-overs or simple face wipes to rest. Invest time and the right products into a double cleanse. Try double-cleansing once nightly. Looking for a skin upgrade? Speak with a dermatologist for a daily routine to keep skin beautiful and glowing.

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