Successful ASCs: The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Management Team

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  • December 20, 2021

Successful ASCs, or ambulatory surgical centers, need a strong, experienced management team. Here are some great benefits to hiring a team.

The Importance Of A Strong Management Team

Some of the most successful companies in the world did not happen by accident. Yes, there is often a figurehead, an almost messianic face of the company like Jobs, Walton, or Musk. But behind these leaders is an experienced, exceptional management team. Successful ASCs are no exception. For an ASC to meet high-quality standards and achieve financial goals, a competent, professional team must be guiding the ship.

viralmd Successful ASCs The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Management Team

All about ASCs

ASCs are also known as ambulatory surgical centers. These are specialized medical facilities that focus on outpatient surgeries. With minimally invasive surgery, ASCs can perform joint replacements, eye surgeries, colonoscopies, endoscopies, and much more. Opting for an ASC instead of a conventional hospital means faster surgeries, improved safety, and better outcomes.

The financial Catch-22

For an ASC to be successful and profitable, there must be high patient satisfaction at a reduced cost. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the right people. However, building an experienced team of leaders is not cheap. The leaders spend extensive time and money to recruit the best surgeons, administrative staff, and managers. There is a temptation to outsource management or recruit underqualified staff for a cheaper cost. While a more affordable team saves money upfront, there are some significant disadvantages.

Experienced management teams equal cost-savings

ASCs should start by hiring a team with previous experience running a center. Leadership could either promote from within or connect with a company with experience managing ASCs. The most significant benefit is the cost savings aspect. A stronger management team can use previous connections to find better leases on equipment, improve supply chains, and look for budget leaks. Furthermore, the team can identify inefficiencies in the patient throughput and implement technology to save time and money.

Experienced managers understand the value of culture

Hospitals with better teamwork and a strong culture are more likely to have happier patients and higher success rates. By hiring from within and spending more on recruiting experienced staff, the odds of engaged staff increases. These intangibles have long-lasting effects on the bottom line. Trained staff can also effectively manage changes in state or federal regulations. Change management can impact performance and, ultimately, costs.

Measure twice, cut once

Amateur mistakes in a life-or-death setting like a surgical center can cost millions of dollars. In some cases, constant mistakes can mean the closure of the ASC. With a highly experienced team, ASC leaders and owners won’t have to spend time correcting mistakes and rehiring competent leaders. These managers understand the importance of performance measurements and can maximize ASC payouts.

The road to a successful ASC

With a strong leadership team, ASCs can develop into robust, profitable spaces that patients love. The competition to hire the best will only increase in the years to come. Investing now will save time and money. Sometimes, hiring each person to form that team seems like an impossible task. To that end, management teams can get help from recruitment companies and consultants who can help find the best staff.

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