Helping Kids With Healthy Eating: Why You & Your Child Should See A Dietitian

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  • July 20, 2023

An RD can help your family establish good eating habits. A dietitian's guidance can improve your child's physical and emotional well-being

Child Nutrition And Dietitians

Healthy eating is an essential aspect of healthy growth and development in children. A balanced diet can help kids maintain a healthy weight, build strong muscles and bones, and support overall health. However, parents can struggle to provide all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet for several reasons. A registered dietitian (RD) can step in and provide guidance for healthy habits.


Seeking professional help

A dietitian is a healthcare professional specializing in the science of nutrition and food’s role in maintaining health. An RD can help parents create a healthy eating plan that meets every child’s individual needs. Dietitians may work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practice.

Address nutritional concerns

If a child has a medical condition or food allergy, a dietitian can help create a plan that meets the child’s specific nutritional needs. For example, if a child has celiac disease, a dietitian can help create a gluten-free meal plan that still provides all the nutrients needed.

Support growth and development

Children have different nutritional needs at various stages of development. An RD can help parents ensure a child gets the right nutrients to support proper growth and development. A dietitian can also provide guidance on portion sizes and making healthy food choices to support a child’s growth.

Manage picky eating

Many children can be picky eaters, making mealtime an everyday challenge for parents. A dietitian can help parents find ways to encourage children to try new foods and create a meal plan that meets all nutritional needs. Kids with restricted diets, such as vegetarians, can also benefit from the guidance of a dietary professional.

Monitor weight issues

If a child is struggling with weight problems, a dietitian can help create a healthy eating plan that supports weight loss or maintenance in a healthy way. Dietitians can also help address any underlying issues contributing to a child’s weight concerns.

Nutritionist vs dietitian

Although the 2 professions may sound similar, there are some important differences. A nutritionist is an expert in the field of nutrition, while a dietitian is a healthcare professional trained in nutrition and dietetics. A nutritionist may offer advice on healthy eating habits, while an RD creates personalized meal plans based on a person’s medical history and other factors. Dietitians have a more technical understanding of nutrition and certification and can provide specific dietary recommendations. Dietitians can teach parents and children about the different food groups and how to incorporate them into a child’s meals and snacks.

Starting your family’s health journey

Seeing an RD can be beneficial for the entire family. Dietitian can help create a healthy eating plan that meets a child’s individual needs and promotes healthy habits for life. Parents with nutritional concerns or who want to ensure every family member is getting all the nutrients needed should consider seeing a dietitian.

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