Staying Productive & Sane: Tips On How To Manage Stress Working Remote

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  • March 14, 2024

When remote work stress strikes, employees need tools to stay sane and keep up productivity. Mental wellness breaks, schedules, and boundaries can help.

Stay Virtually Stress-Free

Juggling work deadlines in pajamas might sound like a dream, but remote work can bring challenges and stress. Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and blurring the lines between work and personal life are all common pitfalls. Actionable tips are available to stay productive, manage stress, and keep your sanity intact while thriving in a work-from-anywhere world.


Understanding remote work

Depending on the role an individual is in, working virtually is a possibility for many people. Many companies offer the option to work from home during regular business hours. Benefits of remote work could include money savings, fewer interruptions, and better work-life balance. However, remote workers can also experience isolation, which can lead to feelings of depression. Some workers also struggle with self-motivation, which can decrease overall productivity. To manage stress while working remotely, the following tips can help.

Wellness walks

All workers deserve an occasional break. Knowing how to spend that time most efficiently can make a big difference in staying mentally healthy. Rather than scrolling endlessly on the phone, consider an activity that will get the blood flowing. A quick walk around the neighborhood or a 5-minute stretch can restore calm to the body. Meditation is another excellent practice that many workers can benefit from. With a clear mind, people return to work with a calm body and a healthy perspective. Whatever activity is selected, consistency matters and adding a 15 minutes 2pm stretch break is a great reminder to get up and move around. The more a person commits to mental wellness breaks, the more noticeable the benefits.

Use a calendar

To stay productive while remote, workers should use a calendar system. First and foremost, the approach can help solidify work-life boundaries with a set start and stop time. Block out a lunch break and a few short time slots throughout the day to take breaks. If meetings are taking up too much space, schedule time to catch up with day-to-day work, maintaining productivity.

Boundaries matter

In all facets of life, boundaries are important. However, this is even more true for remote workers. With a home office just a few steps away from family life, keeping the entities separate can help. To protect work hours and minimize interruptions, try to find a room with a door or a space away from other activities in the house. During important meetings, use a set system to inform other family members of unavailability or consider going to a different location to work. After business hours, refrain from checking email or logging on to work that can wait until tomorrow.

Productive and sane at work

People can stay productive and sane with the right approach to virtual work. A mindful approach to breaks, scheduling, and boundaries can help. Contact management for help addressing the situation if stress becomes an ongoing struggle. Remote workers can enjoy the best of both worlds with the right attitude.

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