3 Areas Where Rural Hospitals Can Outsource Staff And Increase Revenue

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  • June 24, 2021

Read Time: 8 minutes Staffing is one of the most significant issues facing rural hospitals. Here are 3 areas where outsourcing can increase revenue.

Rural Hospitals Need Extra Help

Rural hospitals feel a strong duty to the community. The goal is to give the same premium healthcare found in urban areas. However, rural hospitals fight to attract and retain the resources needed to serve. When hospitals do draw staff, the price puts hospitals at a considerable strain. Revenue is based on performance, the number of services, and patient satisfaction. So outsourcing staff becomes critical.

ViralMD Connect 3 Areas Where Rural Hospitals Can Outsource Staff And Increase Revenue

Why outsource?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring an outside body to complete internal tasks. Outsourcing also lets hospitals tap into subject matter experts that may have been unavailable before. Most of all, outsourcing can significantly increase revenue. In a recent survey, 90% of hospitals are considering outsourcing some form of operations. Here are 3 areas where outsourcing can be a game-changer.

1. Better ED performance with hospitalists

The emergency department is the center of the hospital’s performance. Patients flow into the ED every hour. The hospital must register, assess, and triage each patient. By outsourcing a hospitalist, rural hospitals reduce wait times and increase the quality of care. A hospitalist is an internal doctor that focuses on hospital patient care. The hospitalist can coordinate the ED, speak with families, and provide immediate attention.

2. Filling the specialist gap with physicians and APPs

The more services a rural hospital provides, the better the revenue. Patients with specific ailments will use the hospital for care. More importantly, satisfaction rates will increase. Hiring specialists end up being counterproductive. The number of cases won’t match high salaries. By outsourcing, everyone wins. Telehealth services can connect specialist physicians with residents. Outsource advanced practice providers like midwives and physician assistants. Each fills a wide range of services that increases revenue.

3. Operations management

While doctors and nurses help patients, the hospital still has other areas that must run smoothly. Hiring full-time staff for every role adds up. Typical tasks to consider include operations, IT, and environmental services. But supplementary functions like marketing can help grow the community perception, which impacts revenue. There should be a core group to help with patient confidence and staff morale. However, outsourcing support staff could be an area to consider.

Make sure patients come first

Outsourcing gets a bad reputation in areas like call centers, banking, and IT. However, outsourcing plays a vital role in the medical sector. Rural hospitals, in particular, benefit from external support. Outsourcing reduces costs by hiring staff only when needed. Hospitals also save money by not having to pay for added staff benefits. Revenue then increases with throughput and the availability of more services. Consider external support to benefit patients and the hospital.

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