How Hiring Smarter Not Cheaper Administrative Staff Improves Patient Experience

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  • June 7, 2023

Getting the right administrative staff can do wonders for your ASC. Using RNs, for instance, can improve patient experience and profitability.

The Power Of Administrative Staff

When anyone thinks about the hospital, doctors and nurses come to mind. However, healthcare administrative staff can be the glue that holds everything together. Administrative and support staff run the gamut from schedulers and medical assistants to coordinators. These crucial team members work hard behind the desk, planning and coordinating. More importantly, the administrative staff are the first point of contact with staff, so getting the right people is vital.

viralmd How Hiring Smarter Not Cheaper Administrative Staff Improves Patient Experience

ASCs need administrative staff

Getting the right administrative staff is especially vital for outpatient surgery. Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) focus on performing outpatient surgeries only. The patient can have procedures like joint replacements, eye surgeries, colonoscopies, and other minimally invasive procedures at the ASC. These centers do not perform emergency care, so the patient’s doctor must recommend the surgery. Getting quality service at all levels is essential for the growth and success of the ASC.

Using an RN as administrative staff

Since most ASCs are privately owned, there is a temptation to reduce costs where possible. In many ASCs, reduced costs come in the form of outsourced, cheaper administrators and assistants. While there will be some cost savings, there is the chance of poor patient service. ASCs can solve this problem with nurses. RNs make excellent administrative personnel with a few advantages.

A great patient experience

High quality of service sets ASCs apart from other hospitals. Low Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting (ASCQR) figures can hurt revenues, so ASCs must take ASCQR seriously. The best way to do that is to invest in quality staff. Administrators who aren’t adequately compensated or incentivized will not be motivated to provide quality care. Opening the door for nurses and nursing assistants to become administrators improves morale and output. ASCs could even offer part-time roles to manage the facility during late hours.

Reducing turnover

Investing in administrative staff has some substantial long-term benefits, particularly concerning staff turnover. Turnover affects hospitals of all types, with average turnover numbers as high as 18%. Staff will likely stay with the hospital for long periods, particularly in rural areas. Hiring new staff can be costly in training and correcting errors. And while outsourcing can fill gaps, outsourcing companies cannot guarantee the same person every time. The best way to minimize administrative staff turnover is to commit to the staff that’s already there.

Smaller practices, bigger roles

ASCs that are smaller will naturally have a smaller workforce. Investing in high-quality staff, like RNs as administrators, can bring maximum returns. Administrative staff will need to wear multiple hats, like scheduling, data entry, coding, and customer service. Highly skilled persons can multitask, giving clinics a fantastic return on investment.

Transform your practice with an excellent team

Having competent administrative staff is vital to maintain these high levels of performance and revenue. Knowledgeable, experienced administrative staff can improve efficiency and quality of care. Hiring subject matter experts like RNs will cost more per hour but will pay off in the long run. Look into ways to integrate the best possible persons into the ASC team.

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