Preventing Chronic Wounds: Can Treatment In Hyperbaric Chamber Help?

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  • May 6, 2022

Patients can prevent future chronic wounds with compression, committed topical care, multilayer bandages and hyperbarics.

How Can I Prevent Chronic Wounds?

The air people breathe daily contains approximately 21% oxygen. At 100%, oxygen can benefit people with chronic topical injuries. Oxygen applied under specific pressure can complement other treatments for chronic wounds. Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber can promote the growth of new skin, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Often used for chronic wounds, hyperbaric intervention can also treat serious infections, air bubbles in the blood vessels, and wounds that may not heal naturally. Future chronic wounds can be prevented with hyperbaric treatments and other wound care techniques.

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Wrap it up

Edema occurs when excess fluid in the tissue causes inflammation. To prevent the development of chronic wounds, such as venous ulcers, edema must be effectively managed. Mechanical compression, for instance, improves health outcomes and shortens the healing process. Devices such as wraps, stockings, and boots can achieve a reduction of edema. By managing the amount of inflammation throughout the tissue, patients can heal chronic wounds more rapidly.

The devil’s in the details

The jury is still out on the way to prevent edema for good. However, multilayer bandages combined with compression can work together to lower the risk of edema. Healing wraps including an elastic component are 3.5 times more likely to heal a wound. Using a 2-layer bandage with elastic until a chronic wound has healed is one way to transition to high-compression elastic stockings to prevent future edema flare-ups.

Keeping it 100%

While deploying proper wound care and compression, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can speed up the healing process. Diabetic wounds or specific infections often do not heal independently. Hyperbaric intervention can address stubborn injuries by applying 100% oxygen in a pressurized room. Patients then absorb greater amounts of oxygen per breath while in the chamber for up to 2 hours at a time.

Getting healthy, staying healthy

Chronic wounds can be painful and persistent. Wounds can’t heal properly without oxygen. By administering 100% oxygen in pressurized chambers, physicians can provide patients with relief from a chronic resistant wound. With key treatments such as compression, local wound care, and hyperbaric intervention, patients can heal current injuries while preventing future wounds.

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