Ancillary Services For Surgeons: Will Patients Benefit From On-Site Imaging?

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  • November 3, 2021

Ancillary services can be an asset for surgeons. Benefits to patients include convenience, access to advanced treatment, and cost savings.

Ancillary Services Bring Higher Quality Treatment

The desire to provide higher quality service and convenience to patients has led many surgeons and physicians to become a one-stop-shop for patients by bringing ancillary services in-house. When implemented correctly, adding on-site imaging and ancillary services leads to excellent patient care and cost savings.

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Patients save time and money with ancillary services

For many patients, receiving an MRI or other imaging service requires driving a long distance, navigating a large hospital, and waiting hours. Ancillary services provide all healthcare services in one place. On-site imaging allows patients the convenience of quickly receiving an MRI at a location that is close by.

Access to convenient, cutting-edge technology

Staying on top of new technology is vital to provide the highest quality of care. Ancillary services allow surgeons to offer cutting-edge on-site imaging quickly and efficiently. With ancillary services, patients can receive advanced diagnostic and treatment services not provided in local smaller healthcare facilities.

Serious injuries need fast treatment

More than 1 in 4 Americans have a severe joint or bone injury. These painful injuries require fast action by surgeons to diagnose and initiate a treatment plan quickly. Ancillary services, such as on-site imaging, ensure surgeons can act fast to restore patient mobility and prevent future injury.

Better healthcare for all communities

In many smaller towns across the country, patients have limited access to advanced imaging services, such as MRIs. Patients that require these services must travel long distances to receive treatment. Ancillary services reduce unnecessary traveling and bring innovative technology conveniently to communities of all sizes.

Timely imaging leads to speedy treatment

The convenience of on-site imaging in a surgeon’s office means that a patient is more likely to complete the MRI promptly, which speeds up the diagnostic process so surgery can take place sooner. Surgeons will have quicker access to patient imaging records when done on-site.

Low-cost, high-quality medical care

Imaging services at hospital-based providers are typically overpriced due to the overhead costs of the hospital. Ancillary services provided on-site are more affordable because of lower operating costs. Patients can be given the price upfront before the testing is performed. Surgeon offices may even set up a payment plan for patients if necessary.

Best interests of the patient

Ancillary services such as on-site imaging offer many benefits to patients, including cost savings, convenience, and more efficient medical care. Surgeons can benefit from adding on-site imaging to the services provided in-house.

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