How Permanent Staffing Over Locum Tenens Increases Patient Satisfaction

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  • May 19, 2021

Read Time: 7 minutes Patient satisfaction is closely tied to the success of a hospital. Permanent staffing improves the patient experience.

Patient Experience Is Essential For Hospital Success

A vital indicator of a thriving hospital is in a patient’s experience. Patients like to know doctors. Studies have shown that long-term relationships with a medical provider are essential for patient satisfaction. Permanent staffing offers stability and consistency of care to patients, which increases patient satisfaction.

emergency staffing solutions How Permanent Staffing Over Locum Tenens Increases Patient satisfaction

Patient relationships take time to build

Patients want to build relationships with treatment providers. Locum tenens medical staff are hired for temporary positions. Revolving medical staff can make patients feel disconnected. The instability and inconsistency of care can lead to a decrease in patient satisfaction.

Problems with working with a temporary team

Quality patient care is a team endeavor of healthcare staff. Physicians, nurses, and other medical providers work together to treat patients. Locum tenens staff are not consistent team members. Locum tenens are temporary and can often be less invested in an institution’s mission, vision, and long-term goals.

A satisfied staff means a satisfied patient

Healthcare employee satisfaction has a direct link to patient satisfaction. Studies have found temporary employees have lower rates of workplace satisfaction and engagement. Research has also shown that physicians with high job satisfaction offer a higher level of patient care and have higher levels of patient satisfaction.

The cost of patient satisfaction

Hospital budgets depend on reimbursements. Satisfied patients can affect hospital performance ratings and compensations. Patients’ perception of care is a key performance metric used to determine payments to hospitals.

Public perception is important

Patients speak to the community. When a patient is left unhappy, this can lead to complaints. A poor community perception may dissuade future patients from visiting the hospital. A positive reputation brings in more patients, increases employee satisfaction, and improves hospital performance.

Patient satisfaction linked to positive health outcomes

Patients who have had positive hospital experiences have been shown to have positive health outcomes afterward. For example, studies of emergency medical departments demonstrated that a positive patient experience improves both medication compliance and overall clinical outcomes.

Benefits to the bottom line

Ultimately, the benefit of permanent staffing over locum tenens is regarding revenue. Permanent staff have increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and offer a consistency of care to patients. An experienced, well-trained, engaged staff can improve patient satisfaction and increase performance ratings and revenue.

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