Why Are My Nails Splitting? 4 Tips For Preventing Dry, Brittle Nails

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  • October 12, 2021

People with dry, brittle nails may frequently experience splitting and chipping. These tips help improve the appearance and health of nails.

The Best Tips To Fix Dry, Brittle Nails

Even for people who don’t keep up with the latest trends in nail art or manicures, dry or brittle nails can be annoying. Along with not looking nice, nails that are dry or brittle are more prone to breakage, peeling, cracking, and splitting. Usually, nail issues can be linked to a loss of keratin, an essential protein that helps to strengthen hair and nails. But following the below tips can ensure that nails look healthy and are properly moisturized.

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1. Upping biotin intake

Biotin is a popular supplement to aid in hair and nail growth. But many people are surprised to find that supplement is a B vitamin, vitamin B7 to be exact. Biotin is a vitamin that isn’t water-soluble. So, people will need to consume biotin-rich foods or supplements daily to get the recommended amounts necessary for healthy nails. For foods, people can eat eggs, legumes, or sardines. Alternatively, people can also opt for biotin supplements if a daily diet doesn’t provide enough of the nutrient.

2. Get enough water, but in the right way

Considering that the human body is made of nearly 60% water, the natural resource is essential for most bodily functions. Many people are surprised to find that water is a natural moisturizer and can help prevent brittle nails. While drinking water alone won’t instantly fix nail woes, getting more of the liquid is a step in the right direction. However, avoid leaving hands and nails in water for long periods as extended exposure will draw out moisture and weaken nails. For example, if washing dishes by hand, use gloves to protect hands and nails.

3. Invest in a good moisturizer

Dry hands and nails can encourage nail woes such as chipping, splitting, and cracking. Avoid this situation by investing in a good moisturizer. Opt for a cream or lotion and apply the moisturizer after washing hands or using a hand sanitizer. At night, swap out the lotion for a thicker hand cream. Also, consider using a nail conditioner or cuticle oil to help reinfuse essential moisture.

4. Limit harsh nail applications

For people that opt for manicures, experts agree that routinely getting a gel manicure or fake nail treatments like acrylics and wraps can weaken nails over time. While the gel polish alone isn’t bad for nails, the removal process often requires prolonged exposure to acetone which dries out nails. Likewise, opt for formaldehyde-free polishes, which are gentler on nails.

Nailing a perfect 10

Manicures may not be the style of choice for every person, but healthy nails should be. Incorporating simple lifestyle and dietary changes can help to improve the appearance of nails. And for individuals who don’t see improvements after making changes, consider speaking with a dermatologist for professional help to address any underlying conditions that might be impacting the look and health of nails.

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