Change Your Posture, Change Your Life: 3 Tips To Reduce Lower Back Pain

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  • July 5, 2022

Posture has a significant impact on your life both mental and physical. Poor posture creates a host of health and lifestyle issues.

Are You Tone-Deaf To Posture?

One of America’s most significant health problems? Poor posture. With poor habits, posture is a complex problem to solve. Between working in front of a computer, gaming, binge-watching TV, and sleep, over 85% of the day occurs in poor postures. The result is the population spending over $80B in healthcare for the resulting conditions.

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The consequences of bad posture

Researchers have identified multiple risk factors contributing to poor posture when standing, sleeping, and sitting. Surprising risk factors include urinary incontinence, constipation, breathing issues, and shoulder and back pain. So how can you improve habitual lousy posture? Find immediate relief and improvement with the following three posture tips.

1. Exercise for a better posture

Proper posture improves circulation, energy, and balance. Adopting an exercise regimen strengthens the core and spinal muscles essential for good posture. Furthermore, a practice like yoga is an effective option for posture improvement. Yoga has many poses and stretches that encourage good standing posture and relieve sciatica.

2. Be a better driver

If you spend hours each week behind the wheel, how you sit could contribute to bad posture. A seat reclined incorrectly creates a strain on the upper and lower back. Make sure you do not have to reach for the pedals or wheel. Adjust the seat and headrest to allow a straight spine. Also, an ergonomic pillow for the curve of your back makes driving a smoother experience.

3. Fix your cell phone use

Millions of persons experience headaches and neck and back pain because of poor cell phone use. The human head weighs roughly 10lbs. Bending the neck to use a mobile device increases the weight to as much as 60lbs. To improve your posture, bring your cell phone to eye level or a stress-free level. If you work solely from your cell phone, consider switching to a laptop or desktop computer.

Changing your posture

Consult a chiropractor for individual concerns about how to improve your posture. You may even be able to relieve some long-standing ailments. The biggest challenge is unlearning previous habits solidified over the years. With the consistent application of good posture techniques, your life could change.

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