How Can I Improve My Mobility? Treatment Options For Neck & Back Pain

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  • January 25, 2022

Millions of Americans are moving around harder due to back and neck pain. So is there a solution? Try one or more of these options.

The Disturbing Pain Facts

Feeling a bit difficult to move lately? Everyone wants to walk, run, twist, and have fun freely. However, back and neck pain can put the young and old alike out of commission. Shockingly, 80% of Americans have or will experience back pain at some point, costing close to 50 billion. And with long workdays sitting, the numbers will only get worse. More and more people need ways to improve mobility while dealing with pain.

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What’s the source of this pain?

The pain can originate from a range of issues. Persons will experience natural wear and tear with age, and an unfortunate accident can also cause long-term back and neck damage. Other problems include spinal stenosis, ruptured discs, arthritis, or muscle damage. Once a doctor determines the cause, try one or more of these options.

High heart rate, lower back pain

Exercise is not only for strong muscles, stamina and longevity; it strengthens the back and neck, relieving pain and pressure. Weightlifting fights most spinal conditions. However, to improve mobility, consider exercises like yoga and pilates. These routines focus on strength and flexibility and will gradually reduce pain. Check with a doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Beating pain with medicine

Medication is the most commonly used solution for back and neck pain. Doctors often recommend an over-the-counter painkiller or NSAIDs for mild pain. Studies have shown OTC painkillers can bring immediate relief in most cases. In severe cases, a doctor may give a steroid injection. These corticosteroid injections are effective and can last as long as a year. The doctor will provide the safest option to beat the pain based on the underlying condition.

Lifestyle changes can help too

Surprisingly, simple lifestyle changes and exercise can boost neck and back health. Furthermore, some changes can eliminate pain. For example, try drinking more water, an underrated technique for improving back and neck health. The discs in the spine are mostly water and need a healthy supply to retain moisture. As pain could be caused by inflammation, other options include dietary changes, reducing alcohol and smoking. Make an honest assessment of daily habits and remove any source of the pain.

Calling in the big guns

More and more persons are turning to chiropractors for help with back and neck pain. These experts perform a detailed assessment of the spine. Then, through specialized sessions, chiropractors can perform the adjustments needed to treat the pain. Chiropractors treat over 35 million Americans yearly in a range of issues. Studies also show persons getting chiropractic help had a 50% reduction in pain.

When all else fails…

There are some cases where surgery may be the best solution for pain. Doctors will try all non-surgical options before turning to surgery. Some issues stem from damaged discs in the spine, and doctors will make a detailed assessment before choosing the best course of action. A doctor may decide on a lumbar or cervical spinal fusion procedure while others an artificial disc replacement to treat spinal compression or nerve pain. Surgery is a last resort yet has a high success rate for pain management.

Welcome to a pain-free future

With these simple changes, both the back and neck feel loose, flexible, and mobile. The right help and rest can significantly improve the quality of life. Get a neck or back assessment from a medical professional. From there, the doctor will choose one or more treatment options based on the degree of damage. Ready for a pain-free future?

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