Lower Back Pain? Get Temporary Relief Quickly Try These Stretches

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  • June 21, 2022

Lower back pain is an uncomfortable and life-altering condition. However, specific exercises can help relieve pain and reduce chronic tension.

Lower Back Pain Is Common

Lower back pain (LBP) is a medical condition that plagues many people at some point in life. Lower back pain ranges from sharp pains that shoot down the leg to dull aches that give constant discomfort. Many people have trouble bending down, lifting heavy objects, walking, or sleeping. Back pain can also cause muscle spasms and posture issues.

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How do doctors treat lower back pain?

Doctors administer tests to diagnose and treat lower back pain, such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to identify broken or dislocated bones, joints, muscle, and tendon issues. Doctors will also conduct blood tests to check for infections and perform nerve studies to identify any neurological concerns. Once diagnosed, doctors will create treatment plans that include medication, physical therapy, and possibly surgery.

How does physical therapy relieve back pain?

There are two types of physical therapy: passive and active. Passive physical therapy involves heating pads, ice packs, etc., to loosen up the muscles before exercise and soothe muscles after exercise. Active physical therapy is the actual exercise and stretching done to improve mobility. Physical therapy strengthens muscles around the lower spine and abdominal muscles to improve spinal stability and alleviate back pain.

What are some exercises I can do to alleviate back pain?

Often, stretching is done before exercise, but post-workout stretching is an excellent way to relieve lower back pain. Stretching eliminates tension in the lower back muscles and helps improve the range of motion. Stretching can be done under the supervision of a physical therapist, at home, or in a gym. Patients should try to stretch every day if possible.

What kind of stretches should I do?

Patients can start with simple neck and shoulder stretches, such as tilting the head down to touch the chest and moving the head from side to side. Patients can also do stretches while lying on the back and pulling the knees into the chest while pushing the head forward. Another good stretch is bending over and touching the toes while standing. People should begin with simple stretches and slowly progress into more intense movements.

Should I talk to my doctor about stretches for my lower back?

Patients struggling with back pain should consult a physician and get a complete medical examination done. This way, doctors can properly diagnose the patient and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan may include spinal injections or surgery. Doctors can also refer patients to physical therapists and recommend physical activities.

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